From plastic tags to paper tags, over the years there have been a number or ways to identify tents and tent accessories. As the tent rental industry has evolved so too have tent tags the newest and most efficient tags are those that are RFID enabled. RFID tags can help your rental company in a variety of ways:

1. Locate Missing Tents and Accessories

So much time is wasted when team members must stop what they are doing and spend hours searching the warehouse for a missing tent top, side wall or rain gutter. Using RFID tent tags with the Easy RFID Pro system you can now find missing assets in seconds using the locate feature. 

2. Speed Up Inventory

No need to spend weeks taking inventory and worrying about miscounts. RFID tent tags allow you to take a complete inventory in just minutes and gives you a much more accurate number than a hand count.  

3. Reduce Mistakes When Loading Orders

No more wasted time on job sites waiting for another team member to drive out a missing tent top. The next time you have a large tent order to load you won’t have to worry about your crew losing count. With RFID tent tags you always know what is on your trucks.

4. Track Tent Status and Life Cycle

RFID tents tags give you the ability to track the life cycle of your tents. You can see what customers have rented them and keep track of repairs. When tents come back from a job your team can set the status of the tent; whether it is dirty, clean but wet or if it needs any repairs.