Easy RFID Pro

Easy RFID Pro was created by a full service party rental company for party rental companies. We struggled with incorrectly loaded orders and the simple fact was that we always had the wrong tent top when we were as far away from the office as possible! You know – the mid that should be an end, that was tagged as an end, but really is a mid! And to top it off, it was dirty too! After years of looking at solutions that were built for specifically for linens and other industries, we found that it was too expensive to implement. So, we tried different tent tags, more staff meetings, color coding bags, tags, you name it and we tried it. Finally, we decided to work on our own in-house program built for a full service party rental company by a party rental company and after much thought, work and testing, Easy RFID Pro was born. We have reduced our mistakes to about 2%. Why 2% you ask? That is such an odd number! Well, there will always be that employee who just can’t follow directions or count! The good news is that they don’t need to count because the Easy RFID Pro system does it for them. They just need to pick, scan, and load. When the job comes back, scan it back in, assign a status (such as ready to rent, wash, or repair) and put in the appropriate area. It no longer matters if it’s in the wrong bag or has an older, hand written tag because the RFID tag is permanently affixed and the scan is always right!!!

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