It’s 2020, you never know when a natural disaster or even a pandemic will strike. Knowing that your assets are in working order is critical to your response time and your ability to help customers who are in desperate need of your services.

Having an asset tracking solution in place can help ensure that your assets are ready when you need them. 

Maintain Your Equipment

Just as you perform routine maintenance on your vehicle to keep the engine running smoothly, certain assets may require some scheduled upkeep to ensure they are performing at their best. Having the ability through RFID to mark goods for repair or maintenance means that when an emergency strikes you know which assets are in good working order.

Know Your Inventory 

Keeping track of your inventory is essential for any business on a good day. But when disaster strikes having a hand counted inventory from last season is not reliable. By RFID tagging your assets you can quickly walk through your warehouse and scan multiple items at once. Knowing what assets you have in the building is key for any rental company to quickly and efficiently provide equipment to customers in need.

Locate Assets 

Just knowing that you have an asset isn’t always enough. When disaster strikes customers don’t have the luxury of waiting around for your staff to find the generators you know you have, while all of their food in their refrigerator spoils. But let’s face it, in a large warehouse it is easy to misplace an asset. With RFID tags you can locate any fixed asset within seconds with the locate feature. 

Check Assets In and Out

When a disaster strikes time is of the essence. Having the ability with RFID to quickly check assets in and out allows you to know when an asset has left you facility and where it is going. This will help to hold employees and customers responsible for the items and to make sure that they are returned in proper working order. 

Be prepared when an emergency happens, know what assets you have available to support your customers.